Monday, February 23, 2009

Please Donate: Medical Expenses. Thank you!

3 June 2008

Craniotomy = Brain Surgery remove tumor, surrounding tissues, bone, reconstructive surgery to save life and restore vision.

Rehabilitation = extensive neurological surgeries intensive, long-term very expensive.

Such medical recovery includes - Special Diet, Physical Therapies, Occupational Therapies, Speech Therapies, Assistance, Oxygen Therapies, High Nutrition, REST, REST, TIME, TIME to Heal. NO people. NO public environments. Medical Home Bound continues - NO ONE IN and NO GOING OUT. Avoid environments and people reduce contract disease / infection / chemical intolerance severe neurological reactions.

15 July 2008 =ALL Utilities turned off by City. No assistance, no income or other resources, medical home bound, 100% disabled traumatic brain injury from surgeries. Denied medical therapies unable to pay the $15.00 in ADDITION to insurance payments. Go without medical needs and basic living needs met.

22 July 2008 = Seven Weeks to the Day following Brain Surgeries=Emergency Life Saving Surgeries. No assistance following discharge. No foods. Liquid diet. Continue Medical Home Bound Indefinitely. Surgeons continue orders for physical therapies, occupational therapies, speech therapies, increase oxygen therapies, high nutrition, high proteins, varieties fresh foods, REST, REST, TIME, TIME. Unable to meet these medical orders no additional resources not working = no income. Continue going without meeting medical and basic living needs.

7 August 2008 = diagnosed advanced Kidney infection-antibiotic caused all severe adverse side effects. 14th August hospital tests / labs. Friday 15 August informed health difficulties / complications due severe adverse side effects of antibiotics including tendon ruptures! Surgeon ordered rest-not move. Not walk around in house. Not use any muscles, extremely careful not move hope rest and not use muscles would avoid surgical repair of tendon ruptures.

Medical, therapies, basic needs not met plus more medical expenses.

Tendon ruptures increased limiting movement. Life steadily became more difficult. Tendon ruptures continue long after antibiotic treatment is stopped.

End of August surgeons suspected severe infection. More tests, more doctor appointments. More recovery and medical treatment expenses. More neurological complications limiting ability to meet personal care, work, basic living and medical needs.

September neurological complications threatening life continued to increase.

Without any financial assistance, very limited ability to obtain any income, denied access to clinics, medical treatments, medical interventions and required services. Repeatedly sought to obtain further employment, different housing, and go without services others say are there to assist those in need. Denied: Community Assistance, H.E.A.T., United Way, Red Cross, food stamps, general financial assistance, no one, no agency. Medical expenses continue to mount. Creditors send to collection.

Health speedily declining developing multiple extremely severe neurological complications further limiting movement, swallowing, speaking, balance, and personal care, home maintenance, and breathing energy and strength. Unable to meet daily care, food, or home maintenance.

More specialists and testing. More disabling neurological limitations. Severity of the neurological chemical intolerances and reactions increased unable to eat. Now life is very difficult.

Thanksgiving no food, no travel home bound continues as try to survive without needs met.

December 1 Remembered what surgeon repeatedly said, “Remember to Never Give Up, Never Surrender!"

Lord provided hope.

January 2009 unrelenting struggles, complications, neurological limitations. End January unable to find transportation. At last the weather changed, there was a warm sunny day coming. Without any other transportation decided to drive myself to an appointment and while up north help a family member.

Following the appointment a person operating a moving vehicle without looking where they were traveling hit. Impact caused multiple head injuries, covered in glass, multiple injuries.

Tuesday 3 February 2009 to the day, eight months following brain surgeries. More losses. More expenses. More medical expenses. Increased health difficulties and more rehabilitation expenses.

I know the mighty works of God through the faith filled prayers offered by many.

The Lord benefits all of His children. From total trauma three persons “walked away”.

There are abundant blessings to count each day.

21 February Increasing Expenses, Moving Expenses, Unable to take everything to much smaller unit. Selling all not currently using -see Items For Sale Posted.

Require additional surgeries to other side/eye similar to June 2008.

Thank you for your donations to help access/meet medical requirements/basic needs.

Violinlady "never give up, never surrender!"


NO Chemical Hair Setting Gel
This Gel nourishes your hair and makes it healthier by providing Vitamin E and Omega 3. Plus it holds magnificently event the most stubborn or fly-away hair!

Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds 3/4 Cup Water

Directions: Place Flax Seeds and Water in shallow sauce pan.
Bring to a boil on medium heat.
Simmer for 10-15 minutes until very glutinous.
Remove from heat.
Remove as many of the seeds as possible.
Place in an air-tight container (small cream cheese or small yogurt container).
Dip comb in glutinous gel and apply to hair.
Set as usual. Works well with wet or dry hair with any type of setting: rollers, curling iron, hot rollers, or pins.
Comb and style as usual.
(Use the Lemon Hair Spritz to keep in place all day and night.)
Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 45

Lemon Hair Spritz

NO Chemical Hair Spritz/Spray

Ingredients: 1 Lemon
1 Cup clean water
(may double for more quantity; 1 lemon makes between 8-12 oz spritz)
(To lessen static and fly-away hair particularly when hot winter air dries hair use lemon with rosemary - approximately a teaspoonful - and the hair is tamed!)

Directions: Wash whole lemons with vinegar and water.
Slice lemons.
Pour water into glass or stainless steel sauce pan.
Place sliced lemon(s) in water of sauce pan.
Boil one hour. (You may add water if it gets too low.)
(Usually a simmer boil is best so water does not become too low.)
Let Cool.
Fill clean spritz bottle.
Use light spritz and wait between reapplication because there is no alcohol the Lemon Spritz must dry naturally.
Keeps in refrigerator up to three weeks but for best hold use within 15 days.
Note: you may wish to strain the lemon and/or lemon rosemary through a tea ball or strainer in order to keep the clear lemon juice in the spritz bottle so it will not clog spritzer.
If the lemon juice separates with white in the bottom of the spritz bottle after two weeks in refrigerator, shake spritz, use as usual, and go on your way. Straining eliminates separation.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 60 minutes

Servings: 1